Artist's atelier - 2024 Milano Design Week

Artist's atelier - 2024 Milano Design Week


“...And we find ourselves drawn to see the stars
We are also drawn to look at works of art that are themselves stars that we are brought to see, as they form disparate galaxies, like whims of vision capable of seducing us.
Stars are a source of inspiration, and every artist sees them in their own way.
Similar or not, painted or sculpted, shining or dim or fallen,
they are all stars of art, so close and yet so far…
so unattainable and untouchable, they touch us.”


Paolo Nardon

Artist: Antonella Zazzera
Artwork: Trama 15G23 - 2023


The star is the symbol that more than anything else inspired creations and homages, made by artists from everywhere and of every artistic espression style. In the Lorena Antoniazzi collections it is the most precious detail, treasured in the embroideries, in the braids and in the fabrics, which are evoking its charm, brightness and allure, to wear a woman of elegant, cultured and art-loving personality.

It is precisely the star, icon of the maison since the beginning, that unites and guides this liaison between fashion, art and design, as different expressions of a single vision.
For the 2024 Salone del Mobile, the luxury knitwear brand transforms its Milan boutique into an art gallery, offering an exclusive journey through paintings and sculptures inspired by the stars.
The artists, including Bruno Ceccobelli, Antonella Zazzera, Nunzio di Stefano, and Mario Consiglio reinterpret these mysterious celestial bodies in their works.

Building on this narrative, Lorena Antoniazzi proposes a related limited edition t-shirt collection: four t-shirts designed in cotton and knitwear, depicting four works among those of the exhibited artists.
A winning collaboration that consolidates the constant effort to connect the brand to the art world, “under the sign of a lucky star”.

Artist: Bruno Ceccobelli
Artwork: Pensante - 2013-14 - materials: copper and tar star on paper with canvas backing
Artist: Nunzio di Stefano
Artwork: Senza Titolo - 2011 - material: resin
Artist: Mario Consiglio
Artwork: Falling Star - 2024


The exclusive exhibition of the artworks will be open to public in our Milano boutique
in via della Spiga 36, from the April 16th to 21st 2024.