CENTS- Impact with every purchase

CENTS- Impact with every purchase

Who is Cents?

Cents is the platform with which every company can find and support the Charitable Causes closest to the brand and its target values. The customer chooses a charitable cause they believe in and the company donates a percentage of the cart. Thanks to Cents, every penny spent contributes to the generation of a positive impact for People and the Planet.

Lorena Antoniazzi x CENTS

1% of each of your purchases will be donated by Lorena Antoniazzi in favor of one of the two realities: Fondazione Pangea and Marevivo, you can choose which one to support at the checkout.

Pangea Foundation

The Pangea Onlus Foundation has always carried on advocacy and female empowerment activities for many women victims of violence and discrimination in Italy, India and Afghanistan, helping over 63,000 women.

The latest Istat research in this regard estimates that one in three women in Italy has suffered a situation of violence at least once in their life. In almost all cases the violence is not reported and therefore clandestinity is very high. For this reason, Pangea has created a network who operate to battle violence, an Empowerment and Self Mutual Help Network (REAMA), with the aim of training and supporting women victims of violence to get out of their situation and make her experience available to other women.

Lorena Antoniazzi has the opportunity to contribute to the fight against violence against women by supporting Pangea and its mutual aid network made up of professionals, anti-violence centers and shelters.

Visit the PANGEA ONLUS website


Marevivo is an environmental non-profit organization made up of passionate people who have been defending the sea, its coasts and the creatures that live there since 1985.

It is a community of volunteers and professionals who work to save the sea from the attacks it suffers every day, collecting tons of waste, saving thousands of marine animals, promoting laws for its protection and collaborating with schools to educate future generations.

The Sea guarantees life on the planet because it produces more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorbs 30% of the carbon dioxide when it is in good health, for this it must be protected, for us and for future generations.

What will Marevivo do with your help?

  • - It will return 20/30 liters of oxygen to the planet every 2 mq of planted marine forests
  • - It will remove abandoned fishing nets and tyres, harmful for the seabed and the survival of the species that live there
  • - It will monitor the growth of repopulated forests
  • - It will build buoy fields for anchoring boats without damage the foundations.

Visit the MAREVIVO website