WOMEN’S GEOGRAPHY - Lorena Antoniazzi Tells Her Story

WOMEN’S GEOGRAPHY - Lorena Antoniazzi Tells Her Story

“Give women the right opportunities and they are capable of everything”.

Oscar Wilde

With this quote, Oscar Wilde reminds us that women can do a lot and well but, many times, there is a lack of opportunities.

Equality is essential, also in the work field, and reaching it could make the difference.

My words are the result of a personal thought that derives from my upbringing. Indeed, I owe everything to my mum, the woman who made me become who I am today. She taught me to be an economically and spiritually indipendent and brave woman.

She spurred me to always believe in everything I have done and to pursue my dreams, now turned into a reality called “Lorena Antoniazzi”.

The figure of my mum has been fundamental since I was a child. She helped me to cultivate my passions and I thank her for conveying to me the principles of sacrifice and perseverance.

Since I began working in fashion, women helped me very much to grow personally and in the work field. These professional “teachers” took me by hand throughout this journey and they transmitted to me their knowledge.

I started working as a shop assistant in a clothing store in Verona and, then, I got promoted to department manager in a short time. Thanks to the opportunities that this job gave me, I moved to Milan where I started to work as a designer, specialized in knitwear.

During my experience, I met lot of women who showed me that we can do everything with no limit.

And my company, Lorena Antoniazzi, is a good example of it.

"My employees demonstrate great skills and abilities every day: they are sensitive, enthusiastic, patient and able to face all the daily challenges of the fast-paced fashion world. I am very happy to work with and be surrounded by inspiring and powerful women.