The brand

The luxury Brand, Lorena Antoniazzi, specialized in high-end knitwear, was born in Perugia in 1993 thanks to the passion and creativity of Lorena Antoniazzi and her husband, Luca Mirabassi, founder and owner of the Umbrian company Sterne International, which produces and distributes the label worldwide.

The creation of the Brand derives from Lorena Antoniazzi and Luca Mirabassi’s desire to get involved in this exciting challenge.

In the early 90s, the married couple decided to create a small collection of women's garments, using prestigious yarns and innovative techniques, producing in their land of origin, a region known as the green heart of Italy: Umbria. Their talent and passion for fashion allowed them to bring life to a luxury clothing company defined by quality, elegance and style. The values on which the Brand is based on are family, innovation, attachment to territory, craftsmanship and sustainability. From 1993 to today, the management of the company enlarged, and Lorena and Luca’s sons were included: Andrea and Nicola, who work in the research and development departments, contributing to the company’s growth

The Designer

Talent, creativity, elegance and the search for beauty are all qualities that Lorena Antoniazzi has had since she was a child. Indeed, when she was ten years old, she made some sketches for a competition to celebrate the centenary of the Liberation of Veneto. These sketches were liked so much that they have been exhibited at the Gran Guardia, the most prestigious museum in Verona.

Love for fashion is a passion that her family conveyed to her. Her grandfather and aunt were tailors and they produced men’s clothing. She owes everything to her family and, particularly, to her mother, the woman who made her become who she is today. She is a brave and grateful dreamer and an enthusiastic woman that turned her biggest dream and passion into reality through the creation of her Brand “Lorena Antoniazzi”.

She started working in the fashion world as a shopping assistant in a clothing store in Verona and shortly after she got promoted to department manager. She then moved to Milan, the city of fashion, where she was noticed for her talent by Enrico Coveri. He decided to hire her so that she could run the production of his leather garments collection. In a short time, Lorena Antoniazzi became a designer, specialized in knitwear, who worked side by side with great international fashion figures such as Claude Montana and Giorgio Armani.

Wholesale and retail

Over the years, Lorena Antoniazzi became a leader in the luxury market both in Europe and around the world, focusing on the collaboration between the distribution and the retail channel. The company’s goal is to enhance the retail channel, increasing the number of flagship Lorena Antoniazzi stores worldwide, establishing partnerships with the most important local commercial providers.

The Brand looks to the near and mid-term future, finding new locations in the best fashion districts of the most beautiful and prestigious international places in the world, such as Japan, USA, Arab Emirate and China. Quality materials such as corten and wood appear in every Lorena Antoniazzi Boutique. These materials recall the presence of nature, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Elegance, refinement and the excellence of Italian Style are all values that the Brand wants to communicate also within its Boutiques.

The Boutique in Paris was the first one to open in 2013, later the flagship stores in Milan, Ortisei and The Mall in Incisa. In Europe, we opened in Cannes and St. Moritz and in Asia in Daegu, Seoul and Busan. Moreover, the Brand operates in the most important department stores in Russia and China with dedicated corners. The reopening and expansion of Ortisei’s Boutique meant

growth and development. Indeed, the company wants to improve and innovate more and more to provide its customers a unique journey into the high-quality luxury Italian knitwear.

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